What is the one feature/functionality improvement you would like to see from ON24?

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The ability to edit registrant list... for example removing test records from QA of reg set up when using integrated setups (Gravity>Marketo>SFDC>On24)



We'd love the ability to place lead gen gates on all/any/selected webinar archives in the ON24 Demand Portal. We require each lead to fill out the form an each webinar archive so we can score their interest as they complete actions, and filter them through our CRM. For this we have to use our website because the Portal gives full access to every webinar with one form fill-out.

In plattform edits of the recording (not of just begining and end).

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Ability to upload Keynote or PDF files instead of just PPT.

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An on-demand registration confirmation email that is automaicallly activated after the event has taken place.

Ability to organzie webcasts in folders.

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Different views in the "My Webcast" list such as by date or alphabetically. Sometimes a webinar is scheduled and then rescheduled and the list of webinars always seems so hard to read

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An integrated teleconference feature that ties registrant information to their call-in info, and gives producers the ability to mute and unmute participants for increased attendee engagement.

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The ability to have a more robust testing widget. We would like to be able customize the certificate with fancy lettering that we can make any size that will format correctly depending on the person's name length. We would like a more robust test with different style of test questions from multiple choice to put items in order to matching. This portion of our webinar is very weak because we are limited to the way we can test and score our students. We would also like to be able to see more robust reporting so we can narrow down to which question was missed by the most students so we can determine if a question was poorly written or not covered well enough in the presentation.

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  • The ability to import registration question multiple choice lists. If I create a new event from scratch, it's a huge pain to retype all 50 states to make a dropdown menu.
  • Ability to edit registrant list, as mentioned by Michele above.
  • An overhaul of the "new" reports interface. Every single time it loads, I end up clicking the "switch back to old design" link in the upper right. I really want to like the new design, but it's way harder to get information out of it. I have certain reports I run in the old design that I have never found a way to access in the new design. Plus the "registration source" graph is completely useless! It uses the same colors multiple times in the same graph, and you need to mouse over each individual item to see how many registrants came from a particular source.

I want a pointer and highlighter for my presenter to use! We cover a lot complicated neuroscience and would love to be able to use a pointer to "point" to different areas of the brain. Thanks!!!

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The tool is great. But, I think the UI needs a major overhaul.

  • Give the option to make the presentation bigger/take up the entire screen
  • Improve the UI overall. It's pretty confusing (both for the producer and the viewer)
  • Better webcam option
  • Easier to setup surveys and polls

Thanks for gathering user inputs !

- Need pointer for the presenter

- More flexible analytics - dashboard (i.e. filters for period, users, etc)

Integrate klaxoon.com could solution to your webcast for improve interactions with customers.

Possibility to upload mp4 sound file for each slide when using text to speech solutions.

Although I think your platform is great there are a few things I would like improved or added:

  • The ability to edit a registration or register someone that had trouble with registration
  • Would love to have a pointer and/or highlighter to point to specific sections of my slides
  • Having a notification email sent to me everytime someone listens to a recorded version of the previously live event.


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One item i'm constantly wishing for is the ability to make minor text or layout edits to a slide deck already uploaded within the platform I am continually finding that a simple error is in our slides and have to continually reload. And sometimes we've seen it in a slide half way through recording for simulive and i know uploading new slides can disrupt or erase the audio already in place. It just is a difficult and cumbersome process to continually reload slides and worry about causing other issues in the platform.

Same goes with small audio edits...like if someone pauses a long time on a slide before progressing to the next one, can we trim individual segments of audio off that slide without having to rerecord the entire one. This would also be good if you do find you mess up on one slide and want to rerecord, but have talked over the slide transition and thus have to back up even further. If you could trim on the previous slide at the beginning of the sentence that is cut off, you could record it in full on the next slide and keep moving. This would be all before publishing, and without downloading the audio clip and reloading. Ive had to tell speakers that they really shouldn’t think of the option to rerecord until it's 'perfect', because of how many slides you have to go back and redo if it’s not a smooth transition from slide to slide.

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An easy update is the actual event number listed on the emals of links sent. When you login into the phone it announces the event number, but you have nothing to match that too where the phone number is provided unless you are logged into the platform, which our guest speakers wouldnt have. We've had a number of guest speakers be thrown off on that and not sure if they are in the correct event becuase they didnt confirm the event number.

While there are actually several paramount things that could be added to th ON24 platform to take it to the next level - it is important to be able ot edit registrants, including the ability to remove them. The second important is that if we use ON24 to send the emails via their server, we have no idea whether those emails are valid or bounce. If those emails bounced then we know that no reminders etc. will get to the intended recipient and therefore affect our registration to attendance conversion. If we knew they bounced we could contact, edit and correct or just delte if they were a fake registration.

I like some of the improvements already listed here and would add that it would be helpful to have the Event ID listed on the MY WEBCASTS Overview screen. Very helpful when referencing the event when requesting support for event service or audio bridge. Also agree that more flexibiliy in reporting across multiple events would be helpful. Thanks,